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Geographic Regions (2b)

Author: Gehle Beth
Keywords: USI to 1865, US History, , , , , online teaching

1. The Appalachian Mountains are old and _____.
A) rugged
B) eroded
C) grassy
D) isolated

2. The Canadian Shield has hills worn by erosion and hundreds of _____ carved by glaciers.
A) mountains
B) valleys
C) rivers
D) lakes

3. The Interior Lowlands has rolling flatlands with many rivers, broad __________, and grassy hills.
A) fertile valleys
B) eroded mountains
C) river valleys
D) rugged mountains

4. The Rocky Mountains are _____ mountains with high elevations.
A) eroded
B) rugged
C) grassy
D) wooded

5. The Great Plains are flat grasslands that gradually increase in elevation ________.
A) southward
B) northward
C) eastward
D) westward

6. The Basin and Range has ______ elevations and isolated mountain ranges.
A) varying
B) high
C) low
D) similar

7. Death Valley is the _____ point in North America.
A) highest
B) most interesting
C) lowest
D) most dangerous

8. The Coastal Range has rugged mountains and fertile valleys along the _____ coast.
A) Atlantic
B) Pacific
C) Gulf of Mexico
D) Hudson Bay

9. The Continental Divide determines the ________ of rivers.
A) water source
B) speed of flow
C) directional flow
D) water cycle