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What%27s the genre?

Author: Nanopoulou Katerina
Description: Read the film synopsis at the website and choose the correct genre for the films below:
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1. Lord of the Rings
A) Sci-fi
B) Musical
C) Epic
D) Action

2. Moulin Rouge
A) Epic
B) Western
C) Comedy
D) Musical

3. Shrek
A) Animation
B) Sci-fi
C) Comedy
D) Spoof

4. The exorcist
A) Action
B) Horror
C) Drama
D) Adventure

5. Philadelphia
A) Adventure
B) Drama
C) Animation
D) Epic

6. Fast and Furious
A) Action
B) Drama
C) Sci-fi
D) Spy

7. The Ring
A) Western
B) Spy
C) Romance
D) Horror

8. The notebook
A) Romance
B) Comedy
C) Thriller
D) Spoof

9. Star Wars
A) Action
B) Sci-fi
C) Epic
D) Animation