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Author: cohen simcha
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1. Why are you allowed to keep strings of fish?
A) Because there is no siman on them
B) Because they only cost $5
C) Because the Siman falls off
D) Because the fish smell

2. What could be a siman on strings of fish?
A) The knot
B) The smell
C) The color string
D) The name of the fish

3. What are מחרוזות של דגים?
A) pieces of meat
B) purple wool
C) Strings of fish
D) bundels of flax

4. When is the knot on the fish not a good סימן?
A) when it is tied backwards
B) when it is a regular knot
C) when there are 4 different knots
D) when it is a wierd knot

5. When there is a סימן on something, the owner will give up hope.
A) True
B) Not true
C) probably true
D) absolutely true

6. All the items in the mishna that you can keep...
A) all have simanim
B) some of them have simanim
C) do not have simanim
D) most of them have simanim

7. Can a knot be a siman?
A) Yes
B) No
C) absolutely not
D) probably not

8. If someone gives up hope from finding his lost item...
A) Then that item is ownerless
B) Then that item goes up in value
C) Then you must return it to him
D) Then he will lose more money

9. All the items that the mishna says you must return...
A) All have simanim
B) Most have simanim
C) All do not have simanim
D) Most do not have simanim