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p.64 fill in the gaps

Author: YeonMI Yun
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1. ...and try to ( ) the temptation to translate everything word for word. Sometimes it just isn%27t possible!
A) remember
B) start
C) resist
D) take over

2. ( ) never wear something just because everyone else is wearing it....
A) Try to
B) You should
C) Make sure you
D) Thanks for

3. ...( ) wear what you feel comfortable wearing and what looks good on you. Fashion is about expressing your own identity.
A) Always don%27t
B) Always remember
C) Start by
D) Avoid

4. Be ( ) not to overdo it....
A) carefull
B) careful
C) care-ful
D) carepull

5. ...You ( ) easily injure yourself...
A) just
B) might
C) like
D) don%27t like

6. ...( ) not used to taking exercise.
A) if you are
B) Be careful
C) avoid
D) start by

7. Of course you should make an ( ) to be friendly...
A) opportunity
B) idea
C) remember
D) effort

8. ...but at the same time ( ) you don%27t appear too keen or over-friendly as this can put people off.
A) it%27s important
B) never mind
C) nice to meet
D) it might hurt

9. ( ) by finding the right teacher. It must be someone you like and trust, and who will give you good advice and encouragement...
A) Avoid
B) Resist
C) Always remember
D) Start

10. ...and above all, allow plenty ( ) for practice. Playing well requires time and dedication. There are no short cuts.
A) of water
B) of time
C) of fruits
D) of meat