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Games and Education

Description: Dear students, On the screen you can see a crossword. You have to solve the crossword by giving answers to the questions. All of the questions are about the literature you have to read for this class. If you have read the literature well, you will succeed. Click on the questions and when you know the answer just start to type! Good luck!!
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Crossword hints:
UCLA established that students who also played video games have improved .... skills (from Chen et. al.) , What is the first title of the game %22 Lucas Learning%22 ? (Chen et al.), The Category of educational games and software evolved into what’s known as ….. (from Chen et. al.) , In this state the challenges presented and your ability to solve them are almost perfectly matched, and you often accomplish things that you didn%27t think you could, along with a great deal of pleasure, Who listed four requirements of games from teachers ?(Only lastname) ( From Chen et. al.), There are three types of learning discovered by Benjamin Bloom in 1960: “cognitive, skills and….. “ (From Chen et. al.), This is described as: ‘Optimal generic learning by experimentation in a relaxed field” (Facer et. al.), Name of expertise that creates environments that uses children%27s already excisting knowlegde and understanding (From Facer et. al.), What was the goal of Lightspan ? (From Chen et. al. ), How is the experience been called in which the player does not know that he is learning: %22 ...... learning%22 (Facer et. al. ), What is the most commonly reported skill developed through game playing in the TEEM report? (Facer et. al.), What is the term for the measurement of the ability to learn from a game or learning environment and apply the learning when faced with new and different challenges? (Facer et al.),

Crossword words: