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Author: Sá Monica
Description: Choose the correct alternative and at the end of the questions, click %22I have finished%22 button. Those questions which you%27ve made a mistake, click the symbol %22?%22 next to the number of the question, so you can see the explanation. Good luck
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1. I go to the store to buy something to eat. Do you want me to bring you anything?
A) I%27m going to have some juice
B) I%27ll have some juice
C) I have some juice
D) Answer_4_(optional)

2. Why are you turning on the tV?
A) I%27ll watch the news
B) I%27m going to watch the news
C) I watch the news
D) Answer_4_(optional)

3. There%27s smoke coming out of that house
A) I%27ll call the firefighters
B) I%27m going to call the firefighters
C) I call the firefighters
D) Answer_4_(optional)

4. Did you mail that letter for me?
A) I forgot. I %27m going to mail it now
B) I forgot. I%27ll mail it now
C) I forgot. I mail it now
D) Answer_4_(optional)

5. Why are you filling that bucket with water?
A) I will wash my car
B) I%27m going to wash my car
C) I wash my car
D) Answer_4_(optional)

6. The ceiling in this room doesn%27t look very safe, does it?
A) It is going to fall
B) It falls
C) It will fall
D) Answer_4_(optional)

7. Do you want me to take you to the airport?
A) Paul takes me there
B) Paul will take me there
C) Paul is going to take me there
D) Answer_4_(optional)

8. Can we meet next week?
A) I will have a busy week
B) I have a busy week
C) I%27m going to have a busy week
D) Answer_4_(optional)

9. When do you have an appointment with the dentist?
A) I%27m going to have it tomorrow
B) I%27ll have it tomorrow
C) I have it tomorrow
D) Answer_4_(optional)