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1 Pasado Simple

Author: segundo ive
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1. I # my Maths homework yesterday.
A) do
B) did

2. Did Susan # to England by plane?
A) go
B) went

3. They # a farm two weeks ago.
A) visit
B) visited

4. Jenny and Peggy # help their brother.
A) don%27t
B) doesn%27t

5. The children # at home last weekend.
A) wasn%27t
B) weren%27t

6. # you make this yesterday?
A) Do
B) Did

7. My mother # the car.
A) didn%27t washed
B) didn%27t wash

8. I # the asnwer.
A) know
B) knew

9. My friends and I didn%27t # to Santa Rosa yesterday.
A) go
B) went

10. Did you # last week?
A) work
B) worked

11. What did you # in your vacations?
A) do
B) did

12. My mom # a cake yesterday.
A) make
B) made

13. I # to go to school last Sunday.
A) didn%27t want
B) didn%27t wanted

14. I,did,my homework,yesterday.
A) undefined
B) undefined
C) undefined
D) undefined