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Why are people friends? Proverbs (copy)

Author: loot kersti
Description: Match the beginnings and endings of sentences below:
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0. You can lead a horse to water,
1. You cannot teach
2. Many hands
3. I%27ve known Susan since we were at school. We go back
4. Don%27t make a mountain
5. We live in different towns now but we still try to see
6. I didn%27t like Jenny at first but now we get on
7. If you look after the pennies,
8. Don%27t look a gift horse
9. Mark and I get on very well. We%27ve got so much
10. Lucy%27s my best friend. I know I can always rely on
11. Too many cooks
12. Even if we move to different countries, we%27d always stay
13. Mike and I do everything together. We really enjoy
14. Those who live in glass houses
15. I think we%27re friends because we come from

0. her.
1. similar backrounds.
2. very well.
3. but you can%27t make him drink.
4. out of a molehill.
5. a long way.
6. an old dog new tricks.
7. shouldn%27t throw stones.
8. each other%27s company.
9. the pounds will look after themselves.
10. in the mouth.
11. each other whenever we can.
12. make light work.
13. in touch.
14. spoil the broth.
15. in common.