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Foreign Policy Slide Check

Author: Mr. DeCosmo Adam
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1. Justifications
2. Spanish American War
3. Hawaii
4. Philipppines

0. Fueling Station to trade w/ China
1. General Emiliano Aguinaldo
2. U.S. received Guantanamo Bay naval base
3. US plantation owners wished to avoid tariff
4. Expand or Explode Theory
5. Social %26 International Darwinism
6. fought w/ americans during Spanish American War
7. Alfred Mahan Influence of Sea Power upon History
8. US received Guam, P.Rico, and the Philippines
9. Naval base in the Pacific Ocean
10. Nationalism/Jingoism
11. USS Maine Explosion %26 Yellow Journalism
12. New Imperialism
13. War for Cuban independence
14. Platt Amendment: Control of Cuban Foreign Policy
15. Industrial demand 4 Access to raw materials %26 markets
16. Teddy Roosvelt%27s Rough Riders
17. Imperial Global Competition
18. Fought US after broken promise of independence
19. Removed Queen from power
20. Christian Missionary
21. Establish An American Empire
22. Whiteman%27s Burden
23. Created a necessity for the Panama Canal
24. Protectorate of the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean
25. The De Lome Letter insulting Pres. McKinley
26. Spread Democracy and stablize western hemispher
27. US Improved infrastructure and standard of living