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geography terms for Sunny

Author: McClure Alissa
Description: Match the vocabulary word to its definition.
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0. vegetation
1. elevation
2. climate
3. peninsula
4. ecosystem
5. tributary
6. agriculture
7. boundary
8. glacier
9. oasis
10. plateau
11. migration
12. irrigation
13. volcano
14. famine
15. equator

0. isolated area of vegetation in the desert (and water source)
1. mountain that can release fire and lava
2. growing food and/or animals for food or medicine
3. small rivers and streams that feed into a larger river or lake
4. plants
5. how high something is above sea level
6. imaginary line that divides the earth into two hemispheres
7. mountain of ice
8. community of living things
9. border or limit
10. extreme and widespread scarcity of food (no food in area)
11. the average weather of a place over a long time
12. flat area at top of high elevation
13. moving from one area to another in groups during particular season
14. killing entire groups of people
15. ten years