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Formal or Informal?

Author: Oetegenn Martin
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1. Formal
2. Informal
3. group_name3
4. group_name4

0. Personal Style (I/we/my/our/me/us)
1. Impersonal Style (it/he/she/they/her/them)
2. Contractions (we%27ll/won%27t/don%27t/I%27m)
3. No Contractions (we will/will not/do not)
4. Phrasal Verbs (Set up/put off/go over)
5. Longer One Word Verbs (Organise/postpone)
6. Short Words (buy/fall)
7. Long Words (purchase/decrease)
8. Active Voice (I got your order)
9. Passive Voice (the order was received)
10. Compound Nouns (staffing levels)
11. Long Noun Phrases (the level of staffing)
12. Verb Phrases (We put up our prices)
13. Noun Phrases (there was a price increase)