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Food and eating manners

Author: Roncancio Laura
Description: Match the two halves. Country and typical food
Keywords: Australian Food, South African food, Birtish food, American food, Canadian food , , online teaching

0. British traditional food to acompany main dishes
1. American make sandwiches with it.
2. American traditional dessert
3. Traditional drink from South Africa
4. Traditional south African food
5. Canadian typical syrup
6. Irish typical drink
7. American traditional dish
8. Canadian traditonal dessert
9. British traditional food
10. Indian National dish
11. Food that is served in the morning
12. British traditional drink
13. Australian mermelade
14. Australian traditional dessert
15. The most important food of the day

0. Breakfast
1. Mapple
2. Penaut butter
3. tea
4. Yorkshire puddin
5. Koeksisters
6. Lamington
7. Beer
8. Vegemite
9. Fish and chips
10. Hamburger
11. Apple pie
12. Chicken curry
13. Dinner
14. Green cream soda
15. Saskatoon berry pie