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First THREE Presidents

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Match the description to the correct president.
Keywords: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, social studies, US history, , online teaching

1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
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0. Creating a national bank
1. Marbury v. Madison
2. president who won the Election of 1800
3. Vice President: John Adams
4. judicial review first established
5. Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson
6. president who had a peaceful transition
7. Alien and Sedition Acts
8. believed in loose constuction of the Constitution
9. XYZ Affair
10. used force to end a riot
11. size of the U.S. doubled under this president
12. He tried to discourage regional differences
13. Jay%27s Treaty
14. Pinckney%27s Treaty
15. Attorney General: Edmund Randolph
16. Secretary of War: Henry Knox
17. Lewis and Clark expedition
18. president who passed a law to silence critics
19. believed in strict constuction of the Constitution
20. Louisiana Purchase
21. Whiskey Rebellion
22. bought territory from France for $15 million
23. He warned against forming political parties
24. Hamilton%27s Plan
25. Chief Justice John Marshall served under him
26. set the precedent of neutrality
27. Judiciary Act of 1789
28. French agents tried to bribe diplomats
29. civic virtue: came out of retirement to be president
30. Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton
31. He created harsh laws for immigrants