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Figurative Language

Author: Stidham Stephanie
Description: Match the figurative language term with its definition.
Keywords: Figurative Language, Poetic Devices, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, , online teaching

0. Onomatopoeia
1. Simile
2. palindrome
3. Hyperbole
4. Mood
5. Irony
6. Personification
7. Alliteration
8. Symbolism
9. Sensory Details
10. Idiom
11. Imagery
12. Metaphor
13. Theme
14. Assonance
15. Foreshadowing

0. A well-known phrase, common knowledge.
1. a word that is the same forwards and backwards
2. When what you say is different than what you mean.
3. Using sensory details
4. using a concrete object to represent an abstract thought.
5. giving a hint of what is to come.
6. The message or main idea of a work.
7. The emotional feeling of a work.
8. mimicks a sound
9. a comparison of two unlike objects without using like or as
10. Giving an object human-like qualities
11. extreme exaggeration
12. Repeating consonants at the beginning of a word.
13. Sight Sound Smell Taste and Touch
14. repeating the same vowel sounds
15. a comparison of two unlike objects using the words like or as