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Short Story Elements

Author: Mr. Caceres Robert
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0. The story changes and the action starts toslow down.
1. It%27s where the conflict begins to resolve.
2. The message of the story.
3. The problem that needs to be solved in thestory.
4. The angle from which the story is told.
5. The conflict is revealed and the story starts to get interesting.
6. Part of the story that introduces the characters %26 setting.
7. The final part of the story where the conflictis resolved.
8. Things that happen during the story.
9. The time and place of the story.
10. The character that goes against the maincharacter.
11. The less important characters in a story
12. The main character who needs to solve the conflict.
13. It%27s the most interesting part of the story.
14. Two types of conflicts the characters face.
15. Person or animal in a story.

0. Point of View
1. Character
2. Internal %26 External
3. Antagonist
4. Introduction
5. Climax
6. Falling Action
7. Events
8. Protagonist
9. Resolution
10. Setting
11. Rising Action
12. Theme
13. Turning Point
14. Supporting Characters
15. Conflict