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People of the Middle Ages

Author: MrsRinehart Erin Rinehart
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1. Kings
2. Lords/Nobles/
3. Vassals/Knights/Craftsmen/merchants
4. Serfs

0. Magna Carta took much of their powers away
1. Magna Carta gave powers to them
2. Charlemagne: United the most of W. Europe
3. John: Forced to Sign Magna Carta
4. Ruled an estate or Manor that had farms %26 Villages
5. Was given land in exchange for loyalty
6. One was excommunicated or kicked out of the Church
7. Was Powerful, but not AS powerful as the Pope
8. GAVE a fief, land in exchange for loyalty
9. GOT a fief, land and gave loyalty in return
10. Their job was to ensure protection to those loyal
11. Part of the Manor
12. If the Manor was sold, they stayed with the manor
13. Demanded more $$ and freedom after the Plague
14. Vassal to their God
15. %22Backbone%22 of the Manor
16. A poor farmer
17. Took a Code or Oath of chivalry to live honorably
18. Troubadors sang about me to win the heart of a lady
19. Fought over naming a Bishop with the Pope
20. Gained the right to vote on taxes