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Author: gibbons kelly
Description: Answer the questions about feminism and education.
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1. Where was gendered language found?
A) In textbooks
B) In documents
C) In reports
D) In government materials

2. What examples of roles were found in textbooks related to women?
A) Modern e.g. bricklayers, construction workers.
B) High paid e.g. doctors, headteachers.
C) Pre-modern e.g. farmers, hunters.
D) Traditional e.g. mothers, housewives.

3. What types of gender stereotypes were found in reading schemes?
A) Boys are stronger and have more choices. Girls are more caring.
B) Boys are rude and smelly. Girls are pretty and happy.
C) Boys are clever and girls are stupid.
D) Boys are lazy and girls work hard.

4. Feminists often argue that women have been...
A) ...hidden from sociology
B) ...hidden from history
C) ...hidden from maths
D) ...hidden from science

5. The subjects girls have tended to study have had...
A) ...a lower status than boys subjects
B) ...lower numbers than boys subjects
C) ...harder exams
D) ...poorer teachers

6. Which of these is an example of discrimination in education?
A) Boys were taught by better teachers
B) The pass mark in the 11+ was lower for boys than for girls
C) The pass mark in the 11+ was higher for boys than for girls
D) The pass mark in O Levels was lower for boys than for girls

7. Traditionally, the number of female students going on to FE and HE has been...
A) ...the same as the number of male students
B) ...higher than for boys
C) ...lower than for boys
D) ...fluctuating