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Fantasy vs. Religion

Author: Moxley Sydney
Description: Sort the lines from Beowulf into %22Fantasy%22 or %22Religion%22
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1. Fantasy
2. Religion
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4. group_name4

0. %22In the days of old%22
1. %22he came as a little child in a boat with a sheaf of corn%22
2. %22God gave him a son for the comfort of his people%22
3. %22Grendel dwelt among the moors and fens%22
4. %22He was of an accursed race...lived in jealous exile%22
5. %22brought the race of giants low and slain the monsters%22
6. %22let it be as God shall will%22
7. %22Wayland, the smith of the gods, wrought it%22
8. %22But that which Fate has ordered shall come to pass%22
9. %22I slew with my sword nine monsters of the deep%22