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Factors of Production

Author: Swift Michelle
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1. Natural Resources
2. Labor
3. Captial Goods
4. Enterprenerushi

0. The cashier at the super market
1. The shoe factory
2. The person with the idea to create %22cold gear%22 clothing
3. The ad designer for Coca-cola
4. The oven used to make main street pies
5. Tools, equipment, and factories
6. The farmer who harvests the crops
7. The announcer at the basketball game
8. The instruments in a music concert
9. The car used to deliver a pizza
10. The rubber harvested from rubber trees
11. Eggs used in making bread
12. Sugar used in making brownies
13. Sunshine needed to grow tomato plants
14. The wheelbarrow used to transport materials
15. The football player in a professional football game
16. Risk-taking individuals in search of profits
17. Trees used to make paper
18. An elementary school teacher
19. Michael Dell of Dell Computers
20. Forklift used to move goods onto the shipping crate
21. Oil used to make gasoline