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Factions and Parties - New Republic - Unit Three

Author: Hall Matthew
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1. Federalist faction
2. AntiFederalist faction
3. Democratic-Republican Party
4. Federalist Party

0. favored approval of the Constitution
1. strictly interpreted the Constitution
2. loosely interpreted the Constitution
3. Federalist Papers
4. favored French within foreign policy
5. Hamilton supported the National Bank
6. Father of the Constitution James Madison
7. favored British within foreign policy
8. controlled more newspapers during Constitution debate
9. Publius expressed their ideas
10. federal government would be more powerful than King
11. the Constitution %22squints toward monarchy%22
12. Constitution lacked Bill of Rights
13. emphasized that the Articles of Confederation was weak
14. poorly organized opponents of the Constitution
15. felt mistrust of government in Constitution debates
16. included Madison, Hamilton and J. Adams
17. favored industrial interests or factory owners
18. future of country should center upon agricultrue
19. angelic men = government wouldn%27t be needed
20. party relied upon Article I, section 8 of the Constitution
21. Patrick Henry, Sam Adams and Richard Lee
22. only two presidents were members of this party
23. party holding presidential power during 1790%27s
24. before getting an official name were Jeffersonians
25. before getting an official name were Hamiltonians
26. party favored governing by the %22best people%22
27. favored tariffs created to protect businesses
28. desired larger and stronger peacetime military
29. textbook just refers to as Republican Party
30. some liked to refer to each other as Citizen
31. characterized in 1790%27s as being aristocratic