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Evolution and Biodiversity

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0. DNA
1. mutation
2. antibiotic resistance
3. Charles Darwin
4. fungi
5. scientific name
6. Heterotroph
7. antibiotic
8. population
9. Natural Selection
10. common descent
11. classification
12. animal or animalea
13. linnaeus
14. biodiversity
15. archeaa

0. all the individuals of the same species in a defined area
1. cell with a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
2. Those best adapted survive and reproduce more often.
3. two word unique name given to each species, Genus %2b species
4. person who formed the original taxonomy
5. The scientist who formed the theory of evolution
6. survival of the fittest
7. humans select animals and plants with desired traits
8. autotrophic eukaryotic organims
9. cell without a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
10. indicates many, as in multicelluar or many celled organism
11. the principal that all living things have common ancestors
12. Change in an organism over time
13. two word unique name for all organisms -Genus species
14. A unique 2 word name used to identify each species
15. bacteria evolving to not be killed by an antibiotic