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Evolution and Biodiversity

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0. DNA
1. Heterotroph
2. prokaryote
3. geographic isolation
4. fungi
5. binomial nomeclature
6. scientific name
7. speices
8. eukaryote
9. prefix %22mulit%22
10. linnaeus
11. vestigal organ
12. Evolution
13. autotroph
14. biodiversity
15. Charles Darwin

0. organisms that can breed and have fertile offspring
1. all the life forms in a particular area
2. kingdom of mostly non motile, eukaryote, heterotrophs, organisms
3. using natural selection to produce wanted animals %26 plants
4. autotrophic eukaryotic organims
5. indicates one as in a unicellular, or one celled organism
6. The scientist who formed the theory of evolution
7. chemical used to kill a particular bacteria
8. bacteria evolving to not be killed by an antibiotic
9. Change in an organism over time
10. speciation due to physical seperation
11. the principal that all living things have common ancestors
12. organism that consumes matter to get energy
13. two word unique name given to each species, Genus %2b species
14. kingdom and domain of one celled prokaryote organisms
15. the physical carrier of traits to the next generation