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European Colonies (5a)

Author: Gehle Beth
Keywords: US I to 1865, US History, , , , , online teaching


1. The Lost Colony of # was an economic venture off the coast of North Carolina.
A) Jamestown
B) Plymouth
C) Roanoke Island
D) Massachusetts Bay

2. # was settled by debtors who hoped to experience a new life in the colony and economic freedom in the New World.
A) Plymouth
B) Jamestown
C) Georgia
D) Roanoke

3. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America, an economic venture by the #.
A) Virginia Company
B) Tobacco Company
C) London Company
D) John Smith Company

4. Massachusetts Bay was settled by # who wanted to avoid religious persecution.
A) Puritans
B) Separatists
C) Quakers
D) Anglicans

5. Plymouth was setted by Separatists from the # who wanted to avoid religious persecution.
A) Puritan Church
B) Virginia Company
C) Church of England
D) Parliament