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Essential Vocabulary Unit 3 Grade 3

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. My father (scolded) me for doing badly on the test. He didn%27t stop shouting at me until mother stepped in.
A) praised
B) criticized
C) forgave
D) fined

2. You have (ruined) your chances of getting the job by arrving late for the interview.
A) seized
B) waited for
C) jumped
D) destroyed

3. Aspirin can help to (relieve) pain. Millions of aspirin are consumed in a year.
A) cure
B) reduce
C) cause
D) intensify

4. Einstein, who was a (prominent) scientist, is a household name around the world.
A) medical
B) nuclear
C) political
D) distinguished

5. If you want to win me over, you must present a (persuasive) argument.
A) clear
B) imaginative
C) favorable
D) convincing

6. The two umbrellas are (identical) not only in shape but also in color. It is difficult to tell them apart.
A) unusual
B) familiar
C) the same
D) different

7. More and more people drive around instead of using public transportation. Its environmental (impact) cannot be ignored.
A) problem
B) effect
C) protection
D) evaluation

8. The two families have lived together in (harmony) for several generations. It is really incredible that they never quarrel under the same roof.
A) comfort
B) misery
C) dispute
D) peace

9. Jack plays all the day, and now he has to face the (consequences). The school has decdied to kick him out.
A) challenge
B) facts
C) results
D) charge

10. In the past, men _____ in society. A man was the breadwinner in a family, the boss in a company, and the leader in a conutry.
A) survived
B) dominated
C) struggled
D) murmured

11. One of the ways to _____ the success of a scholl is to see how many students in that school pass the island-wide proficiency test.
A) evaluate
B) achieve
C) enjoy
D) assure

12. Though Beethoven could not hear a note, he still kept on writing music. He _____ the difficulty by %22hearing%22 his works in his imagination as he put the notes on paper.
A) escaped
B) overcame
C) estimated
D) encountered

13. The team has suffered several defeats and each player feels depressed. I think we need a new coach--someone who can _____ the team.
A) inspire
B) punish
C) admire
D) observe

14. A dog is expected to be _____ to its master. When asked to fetch a shoe, a dog must do it. Of course, the master has to pay his dog for its loyalty.
A) harmful
B) superior
C) sympathetic
D) obedient

15. If you have a cold, you might _____ others; thererfore, you should cover your nose with a handkerchief when you are about ot sneeze or cough.
A) inform
B) infect
C) spoil
D) replace

16. Philip studies hard; his _____ will pay eventually. I bet that he will do well on the exam.
A) personality
B) bravery
C) humor
D) diligence

17. That man was rushed to the hospital with _____ stab wounds. There were seven cuts on his body, but strange to say, he survived.
A) multiple
B) deep
C) slight
D) fatal

18. There has been _____ tension betweeen India and Pakistan these days. Both countries own nuclear weapons. If a war should break out, it will be very horrible.
A) international
B) tremendous
C) racial
D) political

19. This temple commands a ___ view from the moutain top. Below it is the mouth of a long river with ships sailing in and out. In the evening, seabirds hovering above the colored sea.
A) bloody
B) infinite
C) magnificent
D) cheerful