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Essential Vocabulary Unit 2 Grade 3

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Mr. Lee is always (modest) about his academic achievements. He says he owes them to good luck rather than to his talent.
A) confident
B) humble
C) silent
D) doubtful

2. The enemy came under heavy fire and finally (retreated). We seized the chance and began to pursue the enemy soldiers.
A) won
B) surrendered
C) withdrew
D) advanced

3. Though Mr. Wang is going to retire, he still intends to (retain) control of this company. That is, he is planning to pull the strongs behind the scenes.
A) tighten
B) seize
C) relax
D) maintain

4. Since you have signed the contact, you must (fulfill) it.
A) honor
B) cancel
C) interpret
D) win

5. Allen was the (eventual) winner of the tennis tournament, so he gained the championship.
A) outstanding
B) capable
C) likely
D) final

6. The old guard was plotting to (overthrow) the government. But its plot came to light, and the government nipped it in the bud.
A) control
B) preserve
C) bring down
D) set up

7. We need a (consistent) policy on education. However, the policy often changes at the whim of educatonal bureaucrats.
A) flexible
B) conservative
C) effective
D) uniform

8. A large crowd (assembled) opposite the temple, bowing their heads in worship.
A) gathered
B) scattered
C) screamed
D) paused

9. We hold a board meeting every year. Important decisions are usually taken at the (annual) conference.
A) monthly
B) weekly
C) yearly
D) daily

10. Jack often overworks and sleeps little. Worse still, he smokes and drinks a lot. He has fallen ill simply because he has _____ his health.
A) improved
B) drunk
C) neglected
D) recovered

11. Powell flew to Israel to _____ with its prime minister, trying to persuade him to withdraw its forces from the West Bank, but the talks came to naught.
A) debate
B) chat
C) negotiate
D) clash

12. The religious group launched a bomb attack on the US embassy in Pakistan in _____ for America%27s bombardment of Afganistan.
A) preparation
B) revenge
C) reward
D) return

13. The police sealed off the house and began to gather _____, especially fingerpirints and the blood type of the victim.
A) strength
B) information
C) ideas
D) evidence

14. With the examnination around the corner, I fell uneasy nad sleepless. My neck becomes stiff and my hands shake while I am writing. My doctor said I am suffering from _____.
A) headaches
B) tension
C) shock
D) depression

15. My boss cannot _____ any criticism. Several workers have been fired for taking issue with him.
A) tolerate
B) withdraw
C) express
D) offer

16. After one month of marriage, Jane realized that she had become _____. It came as a shock. She wasn%27t ready to have a baby.
A) reasonable
B) relaxed
C) pregnant
D) creative

17. When you are invited for dinner, be sure to be _____. It is impolite to be late.
A) thankful
B) punctual
C) merry
D) truthful

18. As jade must be carved or polished, so the mind should be _____. The best way to develop the mind is to read great books.
A) changed
B) explored
C) corrupted
D) cultivated

19. The earthquake struck strikingly and caused serious damage to buildings and roads.Thousands of people lost lives. The hardest-hit towns were declared _____ areas.
A) military
B) industrial
C) commercial
D) disaster