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EOB Unit4_2(Divide)

Author: Baey See Hion
Description: Click the impact or economic function and drop it in the respective bin. Those that are not related should belong to the %22None of the group%22 bin.
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1. Insurance Service
2. Banking Service
3. Advertising Service
4. None of the group

0. Geographical Specialisation
1. Large Scale Production
2. Increased land value
3. Creation of employment
4. Make Market Works
5. Support a wide range of employment
6. Support Export
7. Economic Value to the society
8. Spreading of wealth
9. Payment Agents
10. Evaluate creditworthiness
11. Consolidation of materials
12. Breaking of Bulk material
13. Processing such as labeling
14. Storing
15. Provide protection
16. Provide cpital to the society
17. Help econmic progress
18. Save and wealth management options