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EOB Unit3

Author: Baey See Hion
Description: Click, drag and drop your selection into the appropriate bins.
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1. Labour
2. Land
3. Capital
4. Entrepreneurship

0. Owner of factor Landlord
1. Owner of factor Labourer
2. Owner of factor Money lender
3. Owner of factor Entrepreneur
4. Reward of factor Rent
5. Reward of factor Wages
6. Reward of factor Profit/Interest
7. Reward of factor Profit
8. On the surface Soil, Agricultural land
9. Below the suface Rocks, mineral resources
10. Above the surface Climate, space monitoring
11. Cut down waste.
12. reduce time taken for production.
13. Education and training
14. Job rotation.
15. Proper recruitment and selection
16. Automation by purchasing new equipment.
17. Past experience of the business owner.
18. Engage professional to run the business