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Energy Conversion

Author: Boindala Antharya
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1. When you eat a plant, the _________convert into work and heat energy
A) Mechanical
B) Chemical
C) Thermal
D) Kinetic

2. ________ Energy is used to digest food using the muscular system
A) Mechanical
B) Thermal
C) Chemical
D) Electromagnetic

3. After digesting food, chemical energy is transformed into mechanical or thermal energy, these two energies can support which action (All that Apply)
A) Bike riding, and digesting
B) Running, and withstanding weather
C) Breaking down Carbs, and getting warmer
D) Drinking and Warming up

4. Mechanical Begins with ...
A) Teeth and saliva
B) Mouth and Saliva
C) Stomach and esophogus
D) Mouth and teeth

5. Chemical Energy starts in...
A) Stomach
B) Esophogus
C) Mouth and Saliva
D) Liver

6. Chemical mostlt occurs in _______, Mechanical occurs in ________
A) Stomach, Small intestine
B) Small Intestine, Esophogus
C) Pancreas, Mouth
D) Small Intestine, Stomach