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Author: Perez Fabiola
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0. circuit
1. voltage difference
2. electric current
3. electrical discharge
4. S.I. unit of electric current
5. voltage
6. S.I. unit of voltage difference
7. charging by induction
8. law of Conservation of charge
9. Ohm%27s law
10. thunder
11. charging by contact
12. Conductor
13. static electricity
14. resistance
15. Insulator

0. Amperes (A)
1. tendency for a material to oppose the flow of electrons
2. The accumulation of excess electric charge on an object
3. a sudden discharge of heat energy. produces light, sound waves
4. Charge can be transferred from object to object but it cannot be created or destro
5. the net movement of electric charges in a single direction
6. is related to the force that causes electric charges to flow
7. static discharge is a transfer of c
8. the process of transferring charge by touching or rubbing
9. a closed path that electric current follows
10. Material in which electrons are not able to move easily
11. is measure in volts
12. Material in which electrons are able to move easily
13. the arrangement of e- on a neutral object cause by a nearby charged object
14. relationship between voltage difference, current and resistance
15. volts (V)