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Ancient Egypt

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 32 matching questions in this game. You will probably have to play three or four times before you see them all. Practice with these concepts until you can consistently score 100%25 at least three times in a row %26 you will be well on your way to conquering the Ancient Egypt test!
Keywords: Embalming, Pyramid, Hieroglyphics, Mummy, Egypt, , online teaching

0. Secondary Source
1. Tribute
2. Sahara
3. Banks, houses for gods, priests%27 rituals
4. Surveying
5. Amenhotep IV - better known as Akhenaton
6. Primary Source
7. Elements of a well-written paragraph
8. Middle Kingdom
9. Cataracts
10. Hyksos Invaders
11. Pyramid
12. Lower Egypt
13. Delta
14. Papyrus
15. Polytheistic

0. First-hand account of an event; eye witness account
1. Golden age of stability, prosperity %26 achievement
2. Mountain-like stone tomb built for Old Kingdom pharaohs
3. Reason Egypt had inferior weapons %26 later lost power
4. Advances that resulted from building pyramids
5. Wild rapids formed by narrow cliffs %26 boulders
6. Synonym for gods and goddesses
7. Medical advances that resulted from embalming
8. Complex Egyptian writing system made of picture %26 sound symbols
9. Woman pharaoh
10. Local Egyptian salt used in the embalming process
11. Uses of Egyptian temples
12. Embalmed body wrapped in linen
13. Forced payment to a stronger country
14. Characteristics of the Nile River%27s floods
15. Area of land along the northern part of the Nile