Online teaching

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Education -Vocabulary

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0. to learn something by heart
1. face-to-face classes
2. to make progress
3. to get a place
4. degree
5. lecture
6. tuition fees
7. to hand in
8. to sit an exam
9. to fail
10. grade
11. to meet a deadline
12. assignment
13. to attend classes
14. to revise for exam
15. to fall behind with your studies

0. to continue to develop or move forward
1. to progress less quickly than others
2. to go to classes
3. qualification given to a student after completing his/her studies
4. to take an exam
5. the money paid for a course of study
6. a formal talk on a serious subject given to a group of students
7. traditional way of studying in a classroom with colleagues and a teacher
8. to reread a subject or notes on it so as to memorize it.
9. a number or letter that shows how good someoneĀ“s work or performance is
10. a piece fo work given to students as part of their activities
11. to memorize it
12. A university is willing to accept you as an undergraduate student.
13. to give an essay or an assignment to a teacher
14. to finish a job or task in the time allowed or agreed
15. to be unsuccessful on a test or an exam