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e-commerce basics

Author: Judson Darren
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1. The best definition of e-commerce is ...
A) The trading of goods and services online
B) Internet shopping
C) Selling on the web
D) Online shopping

2. A comany that only sells its goods/services online is a %27what%27 organiastion?
A) Bricks
B) Sticks
C) Bricks and clicks
D) Clicks

3. Which of the following retailers is a %27bricks and clicks%27 organisation?
A) Amazon
B) Wonga
C) Marks and Spencers
D) Primark

4. Customers can view a e-commerce site on their computer using ...
A) A Spreadsheet
B) A Database
C) A Slideshow
D) A Browser

5. The first supermarket in the UK to have online shopping was...
A) Sainsburys
B) Tesco
C) Asda
D) Morrison%27s

6. The %27checkout%27 process usually involves ...
A) Selecting products
B) Searching for products
C) Making sure your system is secure
D) Entering payment details

7. Sites that securely encrypt data will display what in the address bar?
A) A flashing green light
B) A thumbs up
C) An OK sign
D) A padlock

8. The input mechanims used on web pages and often referred to as ...
A) %27widgets%27 or %27clicks%27
B) %27widgets%27 or %27controls%27
C) %27controls%27 or %27clicks%27
D) %27clicks%27 or %27bricks%27