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Enterprise Architecture Terms

Author: Loureiro Thais
Description: Find the definition of the words
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0. Architecture
1. Solution Architecture
2. Assumption
3. Architecture Visualization
4. Deliverable
5. Architecture Framework
6. Business Architecture
7. Building Block
8. User Model
9. Architecture Plateau
10. Security Architecture
11. Architecture Principle
12. Component
13. Business Rule
14. ArchiMate
15. Viewpoint

0. ​The place (role, job) a viewer (persons) looks from
1. ​Reusable pieces of Architcure
2. ​Taking something for granted​
3. ​Stable moment between changes
4. ​Art and science of building structures
5. Something that can be delivered from creator to client
6. ​Created using entity classes,​ relationships of a meta model​​​
7. ​Concepts that a part of the total
8. ​Agreement between two or more parties
9. A total concept of a solution
10. ​Classification scheme of types of Architectures
11. An identifyable part of a system
12. ​Architecture modeling language
13. ​The architecture of the business of an enterprise structure
14. ​Graphical representation of an Architecture model
15. The total concept of security concepts