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6 Adjective or Adverb?

Author: cuarto ive
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1. He is a__________ boy.
A) clever
B) cleverly

2. He is tired because he has worked____________.
A) hard
B) hardly

3. He isn’t tired because he has____________ worked.
A) hard
B) hardly

4. She is a__________ girl.
A) quiet
B) quietly

5. She went to bed__________ .
A) quiet
B) quietly

6. He is not a good student but he write___________ .
A) good
B) well

7. You should speak more_________.
A) soft
B) softly

8. He is a _____________boy.
A) good
B) well

9. The children behaved___________ .
A) bad
B) badly

10. The brave men fought __________.
A) brave
B) bravely

11. They lived together ______.
A) happy
B) happily

12. She looks_______ .
A) pretty
B) prettily

13. That milk tastes__________ .
A) sour
B) sourly

14. These children are_________ at English.
A) good
B) well

15. Mary always dresses_________ .
A) beautiful
B) beautifully

16. Karla is a ____________________girl.
A) beautiful
B) beautifully

17. He is always very __________. (polite)
A) polite
B) politely