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Ancient Greece and Rome_Dunbar 1

Author: Dunbar Matt
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1. Greece
2. Rome
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0. Athens and Sparta are two leading City-States
1. Mountainous Geography
2. Julius Caesar
3. Parthenon is a temple to Athena
4. Pericles was a leading statesmen
5. Victorious over the Persians
6. Victorious over the Carthagians
7. Fell in 476CE, and began the Middle Ages
8. Economy based on Sea Trade
9. Protected by the Alps Mtns. to the North
10. Dioclecian divide this Empire into West and East
11. Spoke Latin
12. Spoke Greek
13. The Iliad and the Odyssey
14. Hippocrates was the Father of Medicine
15. Creator%27s of the first plays
16. 300 Member Senate that ran the Republic
17. Inflation-bad leaders-lack of communication
18. Jesus Christ
19. Paul Spreads Christianity
20. Zeus, Hera, Apollo
21. Jupiter, Juno, Apollo
22. The Pantheon is a temple in Rome
23. Aqueducts to carry water
24. Built columns to bear the weight of walls
25. Peloponnesian War
26. Patricians were the upper class
27. 12 Tables
28. If Conquered you became their slave
29. Conquered by the Macedonians and Phillip II
30. City of Troy and the Trojan War
31. Octavian and the Pax Romana