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Dragonwings Character Review

Author: Hice Kacy
Description: Use the games to review the characters from the book Dragonwings. This is for a grade. Your best score will be recorded.
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0. White Deer
1. Lefty
2. Hand Clap
3. Windrider
4. Protagonist in this book
5. Antagonist in this book
6. Old Deerfoot
7. Moon Shadow
8. Who wrote Dragonwings?
9. Grandmother
10. Mr. Alger
11. Mother
12. Robin
13. Black Dog
14. Miss Whitlaw
15. Uncle Bright Star

0. Laurence Yep
1. went to China to get Moon Shadow, brought him to his father
2. Character Moon Shadow
3. CharacterBlack Dog
4. The cook for the Company
5. good manners, helped Windrider %26 Uncle be friends again
6. Uncle Bright Star%27s son, not a good person
7. Moon Shadows mother, lives in China
8. a partner in the company, cut off his hand to stop gambeling
9. Miss Whitlaw%27s niece, becomes Moon Shadow%27s friend
10. white woman, lets Windrider %26 Moon Shadow live in her stable
11. Moon Shadow%27s grandmother
12. Moon Shadow%27s father, dreamed of flying
13. had a horseless carriage, offered Windrider a job
14. senior partner for the Company, makes the decisions
15. Main character in the book. He moved from China to America