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Description: Choose the correct answer.
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1. In which karyotype is there only one X and one Y chromosome?
A) Normal female
B) None
C) Normal male
D) Turner syndrome

2. Adenine is a nitrogenous base that connects with...
A) None
B) Guanine
C) Thymine
D) Cytosine

3. In which syndrome is there only one single X chromosome?
A) Down syndrome
B) Klinefelter syndrome
C) None
D) Turner syndrome

4. Which sex cromosomes appear in a normal female karyotype?
D) X

5. In which syndrome are there two X and one Y chromosomes?
A) Klinefelter syndrome
B) Turner syndrome
C) None
D) Down syndrome

6. In which syndrome females tend to be tall and thin and have a higher incidence of dyslexia?
A) None
B) Triple X syndrome
C) Turner syndrome
D) Normal females

7. Where can DNA be found?
A) In the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell
B) In platelets
C) In a retrovirus
D) In lysosomes

8. What is the main structure of DNA?
A) Single helix
B) Square
C) Double helix
D) Helix

9. Cytosine is a nitrogenous base that bonds with...
A) Adenine
B) None
C) Guanine
D) Thymine