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Iroquois trivia game

Author: Koller Aaron
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1. What are wampum not used for?
A) Games
B) Jewelry
C) Story-telling
D) Money

2. Iroquois canoes were dug-out canoes.

3. Iroquois clothing were often made from....
A) Beaver skin
B) Bear skin
C) Buffalo skin
D) Buckskin

4. How did the Iroquois prefer to travel on land?
A) Bicycle
B) Wagon
C) Automobile
D) Foot

5. Which of the following games did Iroquois children like to play? (Choose all that are correct.)
A) Snow snakes
B) Baseball
C) Lacrosse
D) Hockey

6. What does %22Iroquois%22 mean?
A) Brave Warrior
B) People of the Canoe
C) Real Snakes
D) Spirit of the Bear

7. Iroquois prefered to live far away from the water.

8. What did the Iroquois use to mark hunting territories?
A) Constellations
B) Signs of precious gem
C) Chairs
D) Animal signs

9. The Iroquois word for woman was....
A) Girl
B) Squaw
C) Sachem
D) Squirt

10. What weapons did the Iroquois use for hunting?
A) Guns
B) Knives
C) Axes
D) Bows %26 arrows

11. What weapons did the Iroquois use for fighting? (Choose all that are correct.)
A) Clubs
B) Spears
C) Bows %26 arrows
D) Axes

12. What was not a major part of the Iroquois diet?
A) Fish
B) Dogs
C) Rabbit
D) Vegetable

13. What body governed the Iroquois tribes?
A) The Surpreme Court
B) The Senate
C) The Parliament
D) The Great Council

14. What tribes belonged to the Iroquois Confederacy?
A) Mohawk, Seneca, Algonquin, Oneda, Cayuga
B) Mo-hawk, Mo-eagle, Mo-falcon, Mo-dove, Mo-vulture
C) Mohawk, Ponytail, Crewcut, Fauxhawk, Layers
D) Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onandaga, Cayuga

15. Who chose the representatives to the Great Council?
A) The Children
B) The Clan Mothers
C) The Elders
D) The Bears

16. The Iroquois lived primarily in the area that is now...
A) New York
B) Vermont
C) Texas
D) San Diego

17. Which of the following weapons was not used by the Iroquois for fighting?
A) Axes
B) Spears
C) Bows %26 arrows
D) Clubs

18. Which were the two most important Iroquois musical instruments?
A) Bongoes %26 saxophones
B) Drums %26 clarinets
C) Cymbals %26 flutes
D) Drums %26 flutes

19. Why did the Iroquois move from place to place?
A) They were afraid that the spirits of the dead would haunt the place.
B) They did not want to overwork the land.
C) They wanted to encounter new animals.
D) They wanted to meet new neighbors.