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Adding, Subtracting, Multipying, Dividing Decimals

Author: Math SB
Keywords: Decimals, Dividing Decimals, Multiplying Decimals, Adding Decimals, Subtracting Decimals, , online teaching

1. What is the combined thickness of these five paper sheets: 0.008, 0.125, 0.15, 0.185, and 0.005 cm?
A) 0.463 cm
B) 0.443 cm
C) 0.473 cm
D) 0.483 cm

2. If a 10-foot piece of electrical tape has 0.037 feet cut from it, then what is the new length of the tape?
A) 9.863 ft
B) 9.963 ft
C) 9.563 ft
D) 9.973 ft

3. A cylinder is normally 3.4375 cm in diameter. If it is remade to be 0.095 cm larger, what is the new size of the cylinder?
A) 3.4325 cm
B) 3.5425 cm
C) 3.5325 cm
D) 3.5335 cm

4. On Monday you ate 8.6 ounces of cereal. On Tuesday you ate 9.35 ounces of cereal. On Wednesday you ate 7.45 ounces of cereal. How much cereal did you eat in total?
A) 23.4 ounces
B) 25.3 ounces
C) 24.4 ounces
D) 25.4 ounces

5. Jennifer eats 2.5 bagels for breakfast and 1.5 bagels for lunch. Which equation below illustrates how many bagels she ate all day?
A) 2.5 X 1.5 = 4.5
B) 2.5 X 1.5 = 4
C) 2.5 X 1.5 = 3.5
D) 2.5 X 1.5 = 3

6. It takes 2.66 gallons of milk to make a batch of ice cream. If Bruce has already poured 1.5 gallons into the mixing bowl, how much more does he still need to add?
A) 1.18 gallons
B) 1.26 gallons
C) 1.16 gallons
D) 1.17 gallons

7. Lou can lift 45.66 kilograms of cement. Donnie can lift 37.86 kilograms of cement. How much more can Lou lift?
A) 8.8 kilograms
B) 7.2 kilograms
C) 7.9 kilograms
D) 7.8 kilograms

8. A chef bought 0.69 kilograms of almonds and 0.93 kilograms of pecans. How many kilograms of nuts did the chef buy in all?
A) 1.52
B) 1.62
C) 1.63
D) 2.62

9. A carpenter bought a piece of wood that was 8.9 meters long. Then she sawed 2.3 meters off the end. How long is the piece of wood now?
A) 7.6
B) 6
C) 6.6
D) 6.7

10. A chef bought 5.19 pounds of white rice and 7.52 pounds of brown rice. How much rice did the chef buy in all?
A) 12.71
B) 12.61
C) 12.41
D) 12.72

11. A chef bought 5.19 pounds of white rice and 7.52 pounds of brown rice. How much rice did the chef buy in all?
A) 0.02
B) 0.01
C) 0.21
D) 0.03

12. Over the past few years, Russell has made 4 trips to visit the amusement park. He drove 85.8 kilometers in all. How far did Russell drive on each trip?
A) 22.45
B) 21.45
C) 20.45
D) 21.46

13. Layla has a set of wooden boards. Each board is 0.7 meters long. If Layla lays 3 boards end-to-end, how many meters long will the line of boards be?
A) 2.2
B) 2.1
C) 2.3
D) 1.1

14. What is the truth in multiplying decimals?
A) Multiply decimals like a whole number.
B) Convert the decimals into whole numbers
C) Align the decimal points of the decimals when multiplying
D) All of them are not telling the truth