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Test reiew

Author: Davis Lora
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1. The macronutrients consist of
A) vitamins and minerals
B) vitamins, minerals and water
C) water, fat, carbohydrates and protein
D) saturated, trans and unsaturated

2. Which food would be lowest in saturated fat?
A) Cheeseburger
B) Fried chicken
C) French fries
D) Grilled chicken

3. Which ingredient would indicate that a food has trans fats?
A) Fructose
B) Hydrogenated oil
C) Monosodium Glutamate
D) Canola oil

4. Which health determinant causes (at least in part) the majority of our major health concerns today?
A) Environment
B) Heredity
C) Lifestyle choices
D) None of the above

5. A waxy fat like substance made in the liver and found in animal products is
A) glucose
B) vitamin c
C) cholesterol
D) insulin

6. Which is the %22good%22 type of cholesterol?

7. The current icon (picture) used to help guide us in making smart nutritional decisions is the _________ icon.
A) food pyramid
B) step ladder
C) myplate
D) all of the above

8. This type of fat is solid at room temperature.
A) Saturated
B) Unsaturated
C) Both saturated and unsaturated
D) None of the above

9. Someone suffering from this condition has low iron levels and may fatigue easily.
A) Hypertension
B) Anorexia
C) Anemia
D) Diabetes

10. This type of vegetarian is the most common in the U.S.
A) Lacto vegetarian
B) Vegan
C) Lacto ovo vegetarian
D) Semi vegetarian

11. A healthy amount of weight to gain or lose in one week is
A) 1-2 pounds
B) 7-8 pounds
C) 5 pounds
D) it depends on the person

12. Which food is a complex carbohydrate?
A) Dougnut
B) Orange juice
C) Candy bar
D) oatmeal

13. While reading the nutrition facts label you notice the food has 8%25 saturated fat for a 2,000 calorie diet. Based on the 5/20 rule this food is
A) a good source of saturated fat
B) low in saturated fat
C) high in saturated fat
D) none of the above

14. As you read the nutrition facts label you notice the food you are eating has 35%25 of daily need for calcium. This food is considered
A) low in calcium
B) a good source of calcium
C) too high in fat
D) too high in calcium

15. High fructose corn syrup, honey, fructose and evaporated cane syrup would mean a food has added
A) fat
B) salt
C) trans fats
D) sugar

16. Your doctor tells you that you need to add more fiber to your diet. Which foods would be the best choice for added fiber?
A) Pasta, marinara sauce and cheese
B) Seafood, orange juice and rice
C) Beans, oatmeal, grapes, spinach
D) Cake, cookies and dougnuts

17. A, D, E and K are
A) water soluble vitamins
B) water and fat soluble vitamins
C) minerals
D) fat soluble vitamins

18. Fat soluble vitamins disolve in
A) water
B) lipids
C) the blood
D) amino acids

19. Which group of people would have a special meal plan?
A) pregnant women
B) a person with a food allergy
C) athletes
D) all of these groups have special dietary needs