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Author: sackin Daniel
Description: ต่อแต้ม Do you know how to play dominoes? Match 2 dominoes.
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0. What language do people speak in India?
1. What%27s the capital of Myanmar?
2. Canada is in_________
3. What%27s your favorite country?
4. What%27s the capital of Laos?
5. Can you speak Chinese?
6. Is Thailand in Africa?
7. Is France in Europe?
8. What country do you want to go to?
9. What%27s the capital of Thailand?
10. What%27s the capital of Malaysia?
11. Brazil is in__________
12. Where is Beijing?
13. What city do you want to go to?
14. Kenya is a country in_____
15. Japan is a country in______

0. Asia
1. It%27s in China
2. Africa
3. North America
4. Thailand!
5. It%27s Kuala Lumpur
6. Hindi
7. It%27s Bangkok
8. No, I can%27t
9. Yes, it is
10. No, it%27s not
11. I want to go to Japan.
12. It%27s Vientiane
13. South America
14. It%27s Yangon
15. I want to go to Jakarta. It%27s the capital of Indonesia.