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Are you hungry?

Author: sackin Daniel
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0. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
1. What%27s your favorite Thai food?
2. Is your mother a good cook?
3. Where can I buy pizza in Korat?
4. What time do you have lunch?
5. Does your father drink a lot of beer?
6. What do you like on pizza?
7. Do you like Japanese food?
8. Are you hungry?
9. Do you like TANDOORI CHICKEN?
10. What%27s GAI YANG in English?
11. Can you cook Indian food?
12. What%27s your favorite soda?
13. Do you drink coffee sometimes?
14. Is ISAAN food spicy?
15. What%27s STICKY RICE in Thai?

0. At 12 Noon.
2. Yes, I am.
3. No, I didn%27t.
4. Yes, I do.
5. I love Shrimp TOM YUM.
6. No, I like tea.
7. It%27s KHAO NIAO.
8. No, he doesn%27t.
9. Yes, it is.
10. I like Pepsi.
11. No, I can%27t.
12. Sausage and mushrooms.
13. Yes, she is.
14. Yes, I love Indian food.
15. At The Mall.