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Are you hungry?

Author: sackin Daniel
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0. Is your mother a good cook?
1. What time do you have lunch?
2. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
3. Do you drink coffee sometimes?
4. Do you like TANDOORI CHICKEN?
5. What do you like on pizza?
6. Are you hungry?
7. Can you cook Indian food?
8. What%27s your favorite soda?
9. What%27s GAI YANG in English?
10. What%27s your favorite Thai food?
11. Is ISAAN food spicy?
12. Do you like Japanese food?
13. Does your father drink a lot of beer?
14. What%27s STICKY RICE in Thai?
15. Where can I buy pizza in Korat?

0. At The Mall.
1. Yes, it is.
2. It%27s KHAO NIAO.
3. No, I can%27t.
4. Yes, she is.
5. No, I didn%27t.
7. No, he doesn%27t.
8. Sausage and mushrooms.
9. Yes, I love Indian food.
10. No, I like tea.
11. I love Shrimp TOM YUM.
12. At 12 Noon.
13. Yes, I do.
14. Yes, I am.
15. I like Pepsi.