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unit 9 touchstone part 1

Author: sackin Daniel
Description: Match the boxes on the left with the boxes on the right.
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0. What languages can you speak?
1. Where do people speak English?
2. Where do people speak Arabic?
3. Do you speak English?
4. Do you like Look Toong music?
5. What%27s a good Isaan band?
6. Can your father speak Isaan?
7. Can you make papaya salad?
8. Do you speak Thai?
9. Can your mother speak English?
10. How many languages can you speak?
11. What language do people from Brazil speak?
12. Where do people speak Spanish?
13. Do you have any American friends?
14. What%27s the capital of America?
15. Can you name 2 countries beginning with the letter C?

0. No, I don%27t
1. In Canada and Australia.
2. Well, I like Pong Lang Sa On.
3. Sorry, my Thai is very bad.
4. It%27s Washington D.C.
5. They speak Portuguese
6. Yes, he can.
7. Yes, a little.
8. Yes, CANADA and CHINA.
9. I can speak two, English and Thai.
10. I can speak Thai and some English.
11. No, I like Thai pop music.
12. In Egypt and Iraq.
13. In Mexico and Argentina.
14. No, she can%27t.
15. Yes, I can. It%27s delicious.