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Major Civil War Battles - Part 2

Author: Gossett Duane
Description: Drag each description to the correct battle.
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1. Antietam
2. Chancellorsville
3. Gettysburg
4. Vicksburg

0. Confederates retreat from Maryland to Virginia.
1. Bloodiest single day of the war - 23,000
2. Lincoln later issues the Emancipation Proclamation
3. Confederates win, Union forces must retreat.
4. Stonewall Jackson is shot and later dies.
5. Lee%27s army has to retreat from Pennsylvania.
6. Bloodiest battle of the war - 50,000 casualties
7. Lee%27s plan to invade the North fails.
8. Confederates surrender the city after a long siege.
9. The Union gains control of the Mississippi River.
10. Grant is put in charge of all Union forces after his win.