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Major Civil War Battles - Part 1

Author: Gossett Duane
Description: Drag the descriptions to the correct battle.
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1. Fort Sumter, SC
2. First Battle of Bull Run, VA
3. Forts Henry %26 Donelson, TN
4. Shiloh, TN

0. Confederates captured the fort after 34 hours.
1. First shots of the Civil War
2. Union forces run away from the battle in panic.
3. Both sides realize the war won%27t be quick and easy.
4. Confederate enthusiasm soars after their win.
5. Union forces destroy and capture both forts.
6. Union wins- They have a path into the Deep South.
7. Nashville is left defenseless against a Union attack.
8. Grant becomes a celebrity after his victory there.
9. People came to picnic and watch the battle.
10. Bloodiest battle in US history up to that time.