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U1 MCQS 1.1 Including Customer Needs in Planning

Author: Geoghegan Michael
Description: Match the terms with the explanation Do NOT click GO BACK
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0. Quality customer service
1. Making a profit
2. Awareness of the business environment
3. Systems based approach to customer delivery
4. Identify and eliminate
5. Provide products and services with
6. Product development responsive to customer feedback
7. Factors which make it difficult for companies to keep ahead of competitors
8. Key strategy for a business to achieve a profit
9. Implement quality control procedures
10. Partnerships with key stakeholders include
11. Recognising that the company’s staff are key to customer satisfaction
12. Identify customer
13. Pricing, products, technology, distribution methods,
14. Marketing decisions reflect
15. Identify key areas of the business that

0. Suppliers, sections of the community, and customers
1. uses benchmarks for standards of customer service delivery
2. Form an image of a quality company in the eyes of the customer
3. Staff participate in ongoing training to develop skills %26 knowledge
4. Providing excellent customer service
5. features that reflect customer needs
6. undesirable features in products and services
7. contribute to success
8. needs and expectations
9. Rapid Technology advances, changes due to globalization
10. The usual primary objective of a business
11. Monitoring competitor activity %26 conducting market research
12. A cost effective, sustainable opportunity for companies
13. includes a commitment to research and ongoing product development
14. Customer expectations
15. before distributing products to customers