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Literary Devices

Author: Meighen Mitchel
Keywords: literary devices, , , , , , online teaching

0. alliteration
1. mood
2. allegory
3. allusion
4. irony
5. oxymoron
6. slang
7. diciton
8. personification
9. tone
10. hyperbole
11. foreshadowing
12. metaphor
13. cliche
14. rhetoric
15. dialect

0. the word choice of the author to create the desired effect
1. giving an innanimate object human like qualities
2. the additude of the author or speaker in a piece of work
3. the overall feeling in a work
4. words used to mean the opposite of what they usually do
5. abstract ideas and beliefs are embodied in characters
6. the language used by a specific region or group of people
7. to opposite things being joined for effect
8. an overused expression that has lost meaning over time
9. starting consecutive words with the same letter for emphasis
10. exageration of ideas for the sake of emphasis
11. a reference to a work or person not directly in the narrative
12. comparing two things using like or as
13. comparing two things without using like or as
14. a hit of what is going to happen later in a plot
15. words not in a standard vocabulary but used in speech