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Type of Correlation

Author: Sturdivant Vittyjo
Description: Put each in the correct category that describes it.
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1. Positive Correlation
2. Negative Correlation
3. No Correlation
4. group_name4

0. temperature and ice cream sales
1. hours studied and test grades
2. eye color and test score
3. mother%27s height and daughter%27s height
4. weight and shoe size
5. distance travels and amount of gas left in tank
6. distance traveled and time spent traveling
7. money made working, and amount in your account
8. language you speak and your weight
9. shoe size and weight
10. age and height
11. hours worked and amount of on your paycheck
12. number of tickets and the total cost
13. number of people and total cost
14. number of people and the price of a ticket
15. calories consumed daily and weight gain
16. temperature and sales on hot chocolate
17. height and self esteem
18. miles ran per week and weight
19. study time and errors on a test