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Cophenaguen school

Author: Garcia Alejandra Rocha
Description: Match tne name with the sentence.
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0. Pleremes
1. Signified
2. Seme
3. Sociology and metasemiotics
4. Cenemes
5. Metalanguge
6. Metasemiotic
7. Content plane
8. HJemslev%27s sign model
9. Signifier
10. Expresion plane
11. Puport
12. Johansen, Setender-Peatersen
13. Connotators
14. Substance and form
15. Medium tone and vernacular

0. The logical definition of a term as a language
1. They develop Hjemslev theory to a gloosematic of literature
2. The semantic components of signs and content figures
3. linguistics is a semiology whose objects are natural language
4. Structural semnatics adopted the term:
5. Based on Sassures, it uses the term Signifier and Signified
6. Are subcategories of cannotators
7. Are semiotic units of style
8. Signifiers
9. Expresion plane ans content plane have:
10. The other name of Metalanguge
11. The concept it represents.
12. Is assosiated with an entity of phonetic substance
13. Signifieds
14. the form which the sign takes.
15. a third plane wich means matter