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Cophenaguen school

Author: Garcia Alejandra Rocha
Description: Match tne name with the sentence.
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0. Medium tone and vernacular
1. Seme
2. Sociology and metasemiotics
3. Content plane
4. Metasemiotic
5. Expresion plane
6. HJemslev%27s sign model
7. Signifier
8. Connotators
9. Metalanguge
10. Johansen, Setender-Peatersen
11. Signified
12. Cenemes
13. Pleremes
14. Puport
15. Substance and form

0. Is assosiated with an entity of phonetic substance
1. The semantic components of signs and content figures
2. Signifiers
3. The concept it represents.
4. They develop Hjemslev theory to a gloosematic of literature
5. Structural semnatics adopted the term:
6. The other name of Metalanguge
7. Signifieds
8. linguistics is a semiology whose objects are natural language
9. Are subcategories of cannotators
10. a third plane wich means matter
11. The logical definition of a term as a language
12. Expresion plane ans content plane have:
13. Based on Sassures, it uses the term Signifier and Signified
14. Are semiotic units of style
15. the form which the sign takes.