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September 4: The T(h)ree in His Name Makes a Team

Author: Lope Fr
Description: Welcome to the first week in Church of the Presentation%27s Family Faith Formation program. This crossword puzzle is linked to our teachings of the month as well as to the Sunday readings. If you have not already read the readings for Sunday, September 4th, go back and read them first. They will help you with the crossword puzzle clues. This week, God reminds us that we are called to work together as a team in His name.
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Crossword hints:
The trinity is God as Father, Son, and __________., When we fight with friends, we should _____ ___ ____., God is the _____ of heaven and earth., Jesus tells us we should _____ together., St. Paul says, %22Owe nothing to anyone except to ______ one another.%22, We call the team of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the ________., At Presentation, we say this is the Year of the ______ in our Family Faith Formation Program., Where two or ______ are gathered in God%27s name, He is there., When you gather in God%27s name, God says, %22There am ___.%22,

Crossword words: