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Tenses: mixed up conversations

Author: Cernuda MarĂ­a Elena
Description: Choose the best answer for each question or utterance. They are very natural conversations. Mind tenses and their use!
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0. Why are you so angry?
1. They found a new tomb!
2. Did you see that?
3. I%27m so angry!
4. I couldn%27t see her point.
5. I can%27t believe she quit!
6. What can you tell us John?
7. Hi! I haven%27t seen you for ages!
8. What%27s wrong?
9. We%27ve made history!
10. I felt rather lost yesterday.
11. Where did you go?
12. I%27m really tired.
13. What did you do then?
14. When did she tell you about us?
15. Did you see them?

0. Totally! A Latin American to be elected Pope!
1. An hour ago, I%27m still in shock.
2. Really? what was it this time?
3. Maybe it%27s time you took a break from work.
4. I just remembered I hadn%27t locked the door.
5. no, what%27s happened that you%27re so excited?
6. No wonder! You%27ve working like a dog all day.
7. Don%27t worry, you%27ll get used to the new place soon.
8. Let me guess, he hasn%27t called you yet.
9. No! I missed it!
10. Oh she had been working all day and nobody appreciated it.
11. Mum%27s, I really needed to talk to her.
12. Unbelievable! I have been waiting for you for ages.
13. I know, I%27ve been really busy.
14. Well everybody is pretty excited. People are laughing and ...
15. Oh she did! She had planned it way ahead.