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Tenses: mixed up conversations

Author: Cernuda MarĂ­a Elena
Description: Choose the best answer for each question or utterance. They are very natural conversations. Mind tenses and their use!
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0. We%27ve made history!
1. Did you see them?
2. I felt rather lost yesterday.
3. Evreybody was shocked at the news.
4. Have you heard the news?
5. So what did he say?
6. The President announced new policies.
7. What%27s wrong?
8. When did she tell you about us?
9. What can you tell us John?
10. Where did you go?
11. I can%27t take any more!
12. Where%27s your cellphone?
13. Did you see that?
14. I%27m really tired.
15. Why was she so upset after the party?

0. Well everybody is pretty excited. People are laughing and ...
1. Oh she did! She had planned it way ahead.
2. Not me! I had heard some rumours.
3. I was so confused I couldn%27t even speak.
4. no, what%27s happened that you%27re so excited?
5. An hour ago, I%27m still in shock.
6. Really? what was it this time?
7. Nothing, he hadn%27t had enough time to make a desition
8. Unbelievable! I have been waiting for you for ages.
9. Luckily they had left before I arrived.
10. No wonder! You%27ve working like a dog all day.
11. Trying to look cool?
12. I know, I%27ve been really busy.
13. Me neither, she hadn%27t been clear.
14. Totally! A Latin American to be elected Pope!
15. I just remembered I hadn%27t locked the door.